Viewing a property from 500 feet above gives you a more comprehensive perspective of accessibility, existing conditions, boundary lines, traffic patterns, topography, barriers, landmarks, and current and potential growth in the area.

  • It's a real time saver. What may take several days to accomplish on the road, can be achieved in hours in a helicopter.
  • There's flexibility. You can land and walk the sites or hover to examine one area more thoroughly.
  • Provides an opportunity to record information. You can take photographs and videos for future presentations, planning meetings and for record keeping.
  • Compare feasibility studies with what's actually seen. This will help make the decision process much easier.
  • The big picture. With the industry's increasing competitiveness, helicopters are fast becoming a standard in foreseeing growth and potential opportunity of an area.


All helicopter companies are not created equal.

AirCam is very proud of important distinction with regard to customer service, safety, credentials and reliability.

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