James B. Dirker, President & Director of Operations

Jim has been in the helicopter industry for over 35 years, having put himself through flight school after service in Vietnam. Rated in both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, he has accumulated in excess of 27,000 flight hours in high altitude operations in diverse weather conditions, without accident. He founded AirCam National Helicopter Services, Inc. in 1986.

His extensive aviation background covers a wide range of experiences. He facilitated the air ambulance program for the University of Utah Medical Center and successfully owned and operated Helicopter Methods, Inc., a company specializing in aerial camera support for the television and motion picture industries. He was instrumental in developing the pilot/reporter program for two television stations – CBS and NBC affiliates. He has the distinction of being one of only three pilot/reporters in the United States when aerial news coverage was first used in television. As a motion picture Aerial Coordinator and Camera/Stunt Pilot, Jim has a long list of film credits.

David P. Richter, Chief Pilot

Dave has been flying helicopters since 1965 and has over 17,000 flight hours without accident. His career began in the U.S. Army where he served two tours in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot. He spent 30 years with the Army National Guard. His background is diverse and includes offshore flying as well as high altitude operations. Dave flew over six years as a corporate pilot and over 20 years as a pilot and Base Manager with Denver’s Air Life Medical program.

A Colorado native, Dave Richter brings over 43 years of flying experience to AirCam’s flight team.

James A. Biggs, Pilot

In 1968, Jim entered the Army Flight School and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. With over 18,000 flight hours, Jim has an ATP and CFII Certificate in Helicopters; he is also Instrument Rated in fixed wing. Before joining AirCam in 2006, Jim spent 15 years as Pilot and Aviation Manager for WAPA (Western Area Power Association); he is very experienced in flying in power line environments.




Dennis M. Marron, Chief Financial Officer

In accounting and finance for over 25 years, Dennis joined AirCam as Chief Financial Officer in 1987.  He has a B.S. Degree in Accounting from Fordham University in New York City and is responsible for all financial functions for the company.

Andra Foster-Dirker, Director of Marketing

Andra joined AirCam Helicopters in August of 1993 as Director of Sales.  Currently she is responsible for all sales and marketing activities for the company as well as all the scheduling.  With a degree in Psychology  from the University of Denver, Andra has been in the sales and marketing field for over 20 years. 




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